Martin Grunstein is Australia's customer service expert.

When the media wants an expert opinion on customer service, they call Martin Grunstein. Martin is one of Australia's most successful motivational speakers and he has been booked as the keynote speaker for major conferences throughtout Australia. He appears regularly on TV - The Project; A Current Affair; Today Tonight; Switzer (On Foxtel business channel) and on radio - on the ABC; 2UE; 2GB; 4BC; 6PR and many other stations.

Speaking: What to do when your competitor is undercutting you on price

Martin will motivate your people... but he'll do MUCH MORE than that! He will give every audience member skills and an action plan to take back to their business.

Speaking: Insights into Outstanding Customer Service

And he is the most entertaining and experienced business speaker in the country. Since 1985 at over 2500 conferences and meetings, Martin has been presenting and training businesspeople to increase their profitability through improved customer service.

Speaking: The secret to increasing margins in your industry

Martin Grunstein has the ability to make audiences laugh (he has written comedy professionally) while delivering insights and strategies that can be implemented the next day. If you're looking for a motivational speaker or keynote speaker for your next conference – Martin is your man!

Speaking: A simple idea to get you ahead of your competition

It is not hype, it is an investment that produces results. Just look at what Martin's clients say about him!

Speaking: The skills required to deliver outstanding customer service

Martin has a YouTube Channel showcasing live events which he has presented at, and there are articles that can be downloaded free of charge.

Make your conference a great success and help produce positive changes in your organisation.
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